Franchise and Licensing Consultancy


Franchising is a big business and it has enabled millions of people all around the world to be employed. It assures fast and easy expansion and has been selected as one of the best and most favourable methods of growth and distribution in the world. That is why it is no surprise that Franchising is a favourite ultimatum for business owners to expand their businesses. It has been used by many successful businesses as a powerful tool to leverage their businesses and to penetrate the market with lesser capital investment and effort.

Working closely with our clients, we convert their successful prototypes into viable Franchising packages – from the drafting of their Franchise agreements, to the painstaking documentation of their operational and training procedures in order to produce Franchisee-friendly operational and training manuals.

Our team at Intellect is also experienced in devising customized expansion plans for businesses whose owners do not wish to, or have yet to qualify for Franchising. Over the years, we have had the privilege of witnessing many of our clients growing and expanding their businesses after taking the steps to protect their IP and eventually leverage their intellectual property rights to generate wealth.
If you wish to assess as to the readiness of your business status and or plan to bring your business to next level using Franchising or licensing as on of the alternative,please feel free to drop us an email for preliminary FREE consultation.